If you prefer the freedom of a flexible course, scroll down to OPTION 2.
A > Outdoor Activities, Early Arrival: Check the hourly weather forecast (tap first image) and bring what's needed (umbrella? jacket?) for the outdoor activities. Arrive a few minutes early because each class begins on time with an ICBC required activity.
B > Worksheets: Each of the 2 worksheets requires 5.5 hours to complete and is due 1 week after you receive it. To complete the worksheets, you'll need an internet connection to stream videos. Because the worksheets are required by ICBC, they need to be redone if they are incomplete.
C > 365 Days: ICBC specifies that all of the course components must be completed within 365 days. If you miss any of the class activities, you will need to complete them in a future class; however, there's a waiting list for courses and a class seat may not be available before the deadline.
D > Course Dynamics: Some of the course dynamics are based on the instructor's experiences with Greyhound, BC Ministry of Attorney General, Vancouver Police Department (Victim Services Unit), Dalhousie University, Vancouver Community College, Canada Safety Council, Justice Institute of BC, and Class 2/3/6 vehicles including tour buses, intercity buses, trucks, taxis, limousines, and motorcycles.
E > Masks: In BC schools (3rd image), masks are required except for those who qualify for an exemption; for example, "a person who cannot tolerate wearing a mask for health or behavioural reasons" or "while providing a service to a person with a disability or diverse ability where visual cues, facial expressions, or lip reading/movements are important."
F > Declaration of Completion (DOC): If you complete all of the course components within 365 days, you will receive a DOC to present at your school for two Grade 11 credits. If you present it at ICBC before your first road test, you will receive a 6 month reduction of the N-stage if you have no at-fault crashes, driving violations (except municipal, parking, non-motor vehicle, 0-point, federal contravention), driving prohibitions, or vehicle impoundments during your 18 months as a N-driver.
OPTION 2 > Flexible Course
You can skip any of the class activities that don't interest you.
You can skip the worksheets which require 11 hours to complete.
You can ignore ICBC's 365 day deadline for the course.
You won't receive a Declaration of Completion for the course; however, a DOC is useless unless you need two Grade 11 credits and a "possible" (but not guaranteed) 6 month reduction of the N-stage. A driver with a DOC loses the N-stage reduction after even a minor driving violation such as giving an inadequate signal before a turn (MVA Section 170).