ICBC requires you to spend at least 5 hours properly preparing for the Day 2 class and at least 5 hours properly preparing for the Day 3 class.
Worksheet Prerequisites: A class cannot be taken until the prerequisite Worksheets are properly completed, so check your work to ensure you followed all of the directions. If you come to a class before you properly complete the Worksheets, you will need to rebook a seat in a future class (sometimes months before a seat is available) and drop by the class before that rebooked class to pick up the newest Worksheets.
Weather Prep: Tap the "wet man" before coming to a class, look at the hourly weather forecast, and bring what's needed (umbrella? jacket?).
Mask Policy: Tap the masks to see explanations of BC school policies.
01: What are the earliest memories you have of your life?
02: If you could do anything and be paid for doing it, what would you do?
03: What is the most important thing you know?
04: If you could be invisible, or time travel, or fly, what would you prefer?
05: Do you believe in magic, UFO's, or other inexplicable phenomena?
06: If you met a genie, what would you wish for other than more wishes?
07: If the world's people would follow your advice, what would you advise?
08: If you could become any creature at any time, what would you be?
09: What did you like about two past teachers?
10: What did you dislike about two past teachers?
11: What famous past or present person would you want to interact with?
12: When have you trusted your instinct instead of your logic?
13: When have you experienced being embarrassed?
14: When have you experienced being in trouble?
15: What are some of your fears?
16: When have you experienced negative or positive peer pressure?