ICBC Credit : If you want a Follow-up credit, you need to exactly follow all of the directions and sign a declaration stating that you did.
When to Begin: After you hand in Assignments 1-2-3, you will receive an email specifing whether or not you need to do the Follow-up.
Time Required: Your email will specify the required time (if any) you need to spend on the Follow-up.
PART 1: Get a countdown timer to track the time you spend on Part 2. Set the timer to the required time specified in your email.
PART 2: Tap the box below and study some cases (there are more than 260). On sheets of 8.5" x 11" paper titled with your name and "Follow-up", note the names (? v ?) for each case you study and a one sentence description of something you learned from that case.
PART 3: To the back of your Assignment 4, attach your Follow-up and a copy of the email specifying your required time for the Follow-up.