A01: L-driver's supervisor should practice stopping car from passenger seat
a) press release button while appling parking brake
b) do not press release button while appling parking brake
A02: L-driver's supervisor should practice shifting to "N" from passenger seat
a) while using shift release mechanism
b) but not while using shift release mechanism
A03: the "Defence of Necessity" has 3 requirements, including the need to prove
a) there was an imminent danger and no legal alternative to your illegal action
b) the harm (if any) you caused was greater than the harm you avoided
A04: loose seat belt, belt over wrong part of body, belt twisted, seat back vertical
a) one is good
b) none are good
A05: safest seat in a vehicle
a) middle back seat
b) depends on vehicle, occupant, and where you are driving
A06: to start or re-start (after stalling) an automatic transmission engine
a) shift to "P", then turn the ignition key
b) shift to "P" while stopped, or "N" while stopped or moving, then turn the key
A07: fuel, oil, brake, coolant, transmission, washer, power steering, parking brake
a) all are fluids you check
b) one is not a fluid you check
A08: belts, hoses, wiper blades, parking brake adjustment
a) all are things you can check
b) one is not something you can check
A09: head, tail, turn signals, brake, reverse, licence plate, side, warning, dash
a) all are lights that you need to periodically check
b) one is not a light that you can check
A10: check tire inflation
a) when tires are cold
b) when tires are warm
A11: pressure specified on side of tire
a) recommended pressure
b) maximum pressure
A12: bump, bulge, cut, crack, exposed belt, deep tread
a) all are reasons to replace a tire
b) one is not a reason to replace a tire
A13: recommended pressure and maximum speed for a space saver spare tire
a) specified on side wall of spare tire
b) must be the same as the other tires on a vehicle
A14: reducing tire pressure
a) reduces fuel consumption
b) increases fuel consumption
A15: on some roads in BC, winter tires are legally required
a) from October 01 until March 31
b) from November 01 until March 31
A16: driving at the posted speed
a) sometimes illegal
b) always legal
A17: flashing amber light above crosswalk
a) stop, then wait until the light stops flashing
b) stop if someone wants to cross the street
A18: if you have the right-of-way, but a vehicle that doesn't hits you
a) you cannot be held partially liable for the crash
b) you could be held partially liable for the crash
A19: suspended licence, 90 days in jail, $1000 fine, loss of Nexus card
a) all are possible if a BC driver doesn't pay a Washington state ticket
b) one is not possible if a BC driver doesn't pay a Washington state ticket
A20: before you select a "point of no return" when approaching a green light
a) check your mirrors
b) reduce your speed
01: What are some of your fears?
02: When would it be okay to steal or lie?
03: If you met a genie, what would you wish for?
04: When have you experienced being in trouble?
05: What is the most important thing you know?
06: What would you like to change about yourself?
07: When have you experienced being jealous?
08: When have you experienced being embarrassed?
09: What did you like about two past teachers?
10: What did you dislike about two past teachers?
11: What powerful emotions have you experienced in your life and when?
12: What is the most difficult thing you have experienced in your life?
13: What is the most physical pain you have experienced in your life?
14: If you could do anything and be paid for doing it, what would you do?
15: What is one of the worst or the best things you have seen in your life?
16: When have you trusted your instinct instead of your logic?
17: If you could be invisible, or time travel, or fly, what would you prefer?
18: What famous past or present person would you want to interact with?
19: What are your strengths and what are your weaknesses?
20: What would those who like or those who dislike you say about you?
21: If you could be doing anything right now, what would you want to do?
22: Do you believe in magic, UFO's, or other inexplicable phenomena?
23: When have you experienced negative or positive peer pressure?
24: If the world's people would follow your advice, what would you advise?
25: What are the earliest memories you have of your life?
26: If you could become any creature at any time, what would you be?