B01: the most important time to scan an intersection
a) while approaching a light that's been green for a long time
b) before proceeding when you are first in line and the light turns green
B02: if the traffic signal turns yellow while you wait in an intersection to turn left
a) you can wait (if necessary for safety) until the red light to complete your turn
b) you must complete the turn and leave the intersection before the red light
B03: if there's a double, solid yellow line
a) it's illegal to turn left and/or to pass another vehicle
b) it's sometimes legal to turn left, but never legal to pass another vehicle
B04: you can pass on the right if there's a lane to your right; if there's no lane
a) the vehicle you pass must be turning left and you must stay on the pavement
b) you can drive slowly on the unpaved shoulder of the road
B05: don't park if your vehicle
a) obstructs the visibility of a traffic sign
b) is within 7 metres of a lane or private driveway
B06: plan your route to avoid left turns at places that are not intersections
a) right turns are rarely safer, but you are not liable if you are rear-ended
b) you are partially liable for a crash if you are rear-ended while turning left
B07: if you stop in a "No Parking" zone, you are parking illegally
a) only if you turn off the engine or walk away from the vehicle
b) if you are not actually engaged in loading or unloading the vehicle
B08: turning tires to protect vehicle, smaller blind zone when leaving
a) one is a benefit of reversing into parking spots
b) both are benefits of reversing into parking spots
B09: in left lane, 80 km/h or higher speed limit, vehicle approaches from behind
a) if you are passing other vehicles, you don't need to change lanes to the right
b) if traffic is moving at 55 km/h or so, you don't need to change lanes to the right
B10: waiting in a two-way left turn lane until there's a gap in traffic
a) you can only do this when you are exiting the road with the two-way lane
b) you can do this both when entering or exiting the road with the two-way lane
B11: a municipality can enact bylaws stating where and when parking is illegal
a) they must erect signs to inform the public of the bylaws
b) they don't have to erect signs to inform the public of the bylaws
B12: look well ahead, scan side to side, check mirrors, periodically check dash
a) repeat cycle continuously
b) repeat cycle every 10 to 11 seconds
B13: you can drive 50 km/hr within cities or towns, and 80 km/hr outside them
a) that's the law
b) that's not the law
B14: help your vehicle stop faster
a) cover the brake
b) pump the brakes
B15: accelerating, decelerating, steering, braking
a) all can cause a skid
b) one will not cause a skid
B16: if your tires start to lose traction in a curve
a) apply the brakes to slow down
b) braking may be the worst thing to do
B17: with a tailgater, use your hazard lights, or change lanes, or pull over, or
a) accelerate slightly
b) slow down slightly to increase the space between you and the vehicle ahead
B18: the better way to protect yourself from other drivers' mistakes
a) maintain space around your vehicle
b) have an escape route
B19: safest lane on a multi-lane road
a) right lane
b) it can change constantly
B20: always giving a turn signal at least half a block before turning
a) best way to communicate
b) may confuse other people
01: What are some of your fears?
02: When would it be okay to steal or lie?
03: If you met a genie, what would you wish for?
04: When have you experienced being in trouble?
05: What is the most important thing you know?
06: What would you like to change about yourself?
07: When have you experienced being jealous?
08: When have you experienced being embarrassed?
09: What did you like about two past teachers?
10: What did you dislike about two past teachers?
11: What powerful emotions have you experienced in your life and when?
12: What is the most difficult thing you have experienced in your life?
13: What is the most physical pain you have experienced in your life?
14: If you could do anything and be paid for doing it, what would you do?
15: What is one of the worst or the best things you have seen in your life?
16: When have you trusted your instinct instead of your logic?
17: If you could be invisible, or time travel, or fly, what would you prefer?
18: What famous past or present person would you want to interact with?
19: What are your strengths and what are your weaknesses?
20: What would those who like or those who dislike you say about you?
21: If you could be doing anything right now, what would you want to do?
22: Do you believe in magic, UFO's, or other inexplicable phenomena?
23: When have you experienced negative or positive peer pressure?
24: If the world's people would follow your advice, what would you advise?
25: What are the earliest memories you have of your life?
26: If you could become any creature at any time, what would you be?