Outdoor Preparation: Multiple parts of each class happen outdoors, even if it's pouring rain or freezing cold. Before coming to each class, tap above and check the hourly weather forecast to see if you need to bring an umbrella and/or an extra jacket.
Course Requirements: There are two 5.5 hour assignments, 3 days of classes, and multiple car lessons. ICBC specifies that all parts of the course must be completed within 365 days. If you miss part of a class, you can reserve a seat in a future class, but there's a waiting list and a space may not be available before the deadline. If you complete everything before the deadline, you will receive a document to present at your school for two Grade 11 credits. If you give it to ICBC before your first road test, you will receive a 6 month reduction of the N-stage if you have no at-fault crashes, driving violations, or prohibitions during your first 18 months as an N-driver.
OPTION 2: You don't have to complete the assignments and all of the classes. You won't receive the completion document, but that paper doesn't guarantee a reduction of the N-stage because a driver with the document loses the reduction after even a minor violation; for example, failing to give an adequate signal before turning (BC Motor Vehicle Act Section 170, $121 fine, 2 points).
Course Dynamics: To prepare for part of the course, tap above and note your A-B-C-D answers. Some of the course dynamics are based on the instructor's experiences with the Vancouver Police Department, BC Ministry of Attorney General, Justice Institute of BC, Greyhound, Canada Safety Council, BC Safety Council, Young Drivers of Canada, International Stage Lines, Vancouver Community College, Dalhousie University, and Class 2/3/6 vehicles (tour buses, intercity buses, taxis, limos, trucks, motorcycles).
Section 2: There are mask exemptions for anyone who cannot tolerate wearing a mask for health or behavioural reasons and for anyone who is providing a service where facial expressions and visual cues are important.